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Maybe there are only a few basic types of house making up most of the homes in London, but many have already had some modifications, councils have varying ideas, and our clients are certainly individuals.

We believe it is crucial to get the very best from your money and to optimise the extra space you have available. An experienced architect will make the very best of things whilst avoiding those small errors that could irritate you for decades - like that door that would open properly if it had been moved a few inches.

Of course we are very happy to work with your own architect if you have one, but we also have a team of professionals we would be pleased to introduce to you.

Managing party wall agreements

The party wall is owned by all those whose house is connected to it. Because you are planning to do a loft conversion, you have to inform the neighbour, who has a total time limit of eight weeks to get the agreement in place with you. It normally only takes two to three weeks if all parties are working together well and good will prevails!

There are two forms. One is the party wall notice form, used to formerly give your neighbour notice. The other is the acknowledgement form, which your neighbour has to sign and return, with their choice of a surveyor or not. .

Velux windows and skylights

Velux is the brand that has become synonymous with roof lights.

As you can see from their website, they offer a huge range of different designs and finishes.

Usually they are used on the front of your property to complement a mansard or dormer conversions at the rear, they can be pivoted at the top or centre, have version for flat and pitched roofs, come in almost any finish you can imagine- and there are even designs suitable for terrace doors.

They sit with a low profile, and give the loft a feeling of space and naturally they allow much more sunlight light to the new loft room - and the range is vast.

French doors

French doors can be one of the things that make your new room special.

Typically we are working with older homes which tend to have smaller windows, especially in the upstairs bedrooms, but with most loft extensions there is a wall the entire length of the conversion where the windows can be of almost any dimensions.

Some prefer the intimacy of simple double doors, but many seize the opportunity to have a concertina configuration which can be folded back in the summer for a massive panorama above the rooftops and across the city. If the plan is for this to become your master bedroom it will probably become the favourite room in the whole house.

Roof terraces

It is not always appreciated how spectacular a difference a roof terrace can make - or indeed that it is possible at all.

This is a typical L-shaped Edwardian house in Byrne Road, Balham which has already been converted into two flats. The owner wanted to take advantage of the existing roof space for a new bedroom - which turned out to be 22 sq metres in area without including the large bathroom/toilet which is easily big enough for a full-size bath.

Of course there is no garden with a top floor flat, so we were particularly pleased to be able to show how a 9 sq metre terrace could be created on the back of the "L". This created a space space amongst the rooftops nearly at nearly the equivalent of three floors high where there is comfortably room for four diners.


The need to re-roof your home is often a prompt to think through the best way to use the precious space that is often going to waste above your head.

We are always very pleased to provide an estimate for a loft extension and a whole new roof - which could well be a better option than replacing a damaged roof now and regretting not finding the extra for a full-blown extension.

Depending on your requirements we can keep some or all of your existing tiles for re-positioning or can replace all your tiles - perhaps with a new design incorporating new features like a balcony or even a terrace.

Shower rooms and tiling

The usual arrangement is for you to choose your shower/bath, sanitary ware and other bathroom furniture which are installed by our plumbers and electricians as part of the contract.

But we understand that you want a finished bathroom with flooring, tiles and other decorating completed.

That's why we have a specialist craftspeople who are ready to provide extra services to the highest possible standard both in the bathroom and wherever else in your home this may be required.

Extensions, decorating & refurbishment

Apart from our specialised loft extension experience, we also provide ground-level extensions such as kitchens and extra rooms.

We also often find that fresh new rooms in the loft tend to show up the rest of the house and we are pleased to attend to your requirements here as well

So, whether its renovating or improving the plumbing, some decorating, or a complete refurbishment of your whole home, we are pleased to undertake the whole job. Just ask!

The loft conversion specialists

We'll show you how we can enhance your home and your lives by creating space where there was no living space before.

We start by offering a free no-obligation estimate. We’ll have a look at your loft, measure it up, and then tell you some of the possibilities.

We'll help you understand what can be achieved for your loft conversion and will guide you with the designs and ideas for your conversion and listen to you and your requirements, for new bedrooms, shower room, office, storage or whatever you need.

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